Le Temps Viendra
The Most Happy
Anne Boleyn, Queen Consort of England.

"Le Temps Viendra."

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         "Hugh Latimer,"
he said quickly, taken aback by the question.
He cleared his throat before elaborating.

          “I was planning to promote Master Latimer
           to the see of Worcester, your Majesty. I was
          going to ask for your opinion.”



     Anne’s eyes rested on the figure of Thomas Cranmer,
    watching him precariously from her seat. She listened
    to the man’s proposal, unusual as it was for a male to
    seek her opinion on anything, she was intrigued.

                              ”Such a promotion would gain my approval, Master Cranmer.”

     A smile was brought to her lips, knowing that both
men were sided with her and saw her marriage to
     Henry valid, unlike many.

                              "Although I would urge you seek His Majesty’s approval first,
but go in the knowledge you have my full support. Is there any
                              particular reason as to why this important matter has been on
                              your mind lately?”

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               ”And may I help you with anything?”


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New independent role-play blog based on Anne Boleyn of the Showtime show the Tudors and the real historical figure. Face Claim will be Natalie Dormer, I prefer using icons and gif icons but I’ll of course role-play with those that don’t.

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[ brows furrowed against the pale forehead, beads of sweat had only just formed and when the voice reached an ear the brows only stitched father. his heart began to hammer against his chest, which heaved with every in take of breath he took, his back had been turned, but the moment she spoke he spun around to face her; he couldn’t bring himself to not look at her. his nostrils flared as his feet kept him a distance from her. ]

You have been lying to me; you’ve done nothing but lie to me!” [ just as the emotion was clear in her words, it too rang true through his own, and though he tried to mask it off, his tone gave away just how angry he truly was on the inside. because it hurt, though he would never admit to such, henry knew deep inside that it hurt. ]


How am I to believe a word you say now? How do I know you are not lying to me this very moment, the words you have told me, the things you made me believe… All lies from the lips of a whore.”

[ he spat venom through his words, never once speaking of that of elizabeth, this had no concern for her, it was a concern between two adults. he kept his distance still, this time taking a chance to begin walking away from her, he had heard enough and would hear no more. ]

Anne could not quite believe her ears as she listened to him. She had not expected him to stop and answer her, to even acknowledge her but he had done. Although with his words, a part of her wished he didn’t. For they stung, not only because he had said the, but because he meant them.

                                                  ”I have never lied to you!”
She cried out, moving to follow him through the gardens. He would not say his piece and think he could walk away. King he might be, but he was also her husband.

"When have I ever breathed a word that was untrue?" Perhaps it was her failure to give him a son, a promise she’d made him before their marriage, but if he’d just give her one more chance she was certain she’d be able to keep her word. "Please, listen to yourself."

Her voice feigned on desperate as she lifted her skirts only to hold them from dragging along the ground as she chased after him, knowing this was her last chance to prove her. It was ether she blocked his path and neared him, pressing her hand into his chest to stop him from moving forward and she lurched at the thought of him being so close, he was a stranger to her.

"Stop acting like this." She begged.
                                                       ”I love you, as I always have done. I have never lied to you, I swear it. Don’t cast me away, I know in your heart you still love me too, please.”

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                                                       ”I beseech you.”

The emotion was clear in her voice, but her composure was unwavering still as she looked at Henry, knowing he would cast her away and that her attempts where futile. She would be cast away and another would take her place,
                                                                                                —although she knew exactly whom, Jane Seymour. Anne was a fool, for now she was suffering the same fate she had put upon Katherine.

    “For the love you bore our daughter, for the love you once bore me,
                                                                                                                        don’t do this.”

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If anyone wants a starter, feel free to like this and I’ll get you one up!

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     ”—Are you quite all right?”
     Anne inquired with a hint of intrigue in her voice, coming near to the person on the
     other side of the room with an expression of confusion on her face.

     ”Forgive me,
     I do not mean to pry but… It has not escaped my notice that something is
     troubling you.”


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          Anne sat, precariously staring at the window, slouched back on her chair in ways even she would deem unladylike. But she had more things on her mind than worrying about courtesy for now. Still, the Queen maintained her composure and pulled herself up in her seat, shaking off the notions in her mind and forcing a smile onto her solemn face.

                                        ”What makes me feel better?”
                                                                    She inquired again.

          Once she would have been able to rhyme off many things that made her feel better. Singing, reading poetry or showing off her extensive knowledge. Boasting was not beneath her. But still, now her life was fleeting and the only thing that could make her happy was the birth of a son and the love of her husband, which she knew was vanishing as days passed.


                    Be s t r o n g.
                    She thought to herself.
                    Never appear w e a k.
                    ”So many things!”


          Anne beamed, her lies hidden by the years of acting she’d learned in the french Court. The lady knew how to get whatever she wanted by holding her face a certain way. To act angered when she was gloating inside, to boast pretentiously when she secretly seethed. This was no different.

                    ”But I should have to go with dancing…
                                          There is nothing as wonderful.”

          Anne said, and there was some truth in that. When she danced she remembered her time as a girl in the French Court, with the violins playing around her as she skipped merrily with the other ladies and laughed. How life had changed.

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